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To investigate who invented casinos must first investigate where the game is. The game is so ingrained in human nature that it is impossible to say who invented it. It is impossible to say how long the game has been around, but the first record gambling was in 2300 BC in China. The early game was much less organized, then it is today, often homeless.

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Our virtual casino guide and our Internet Casino Reviews are known for their reliability and objectivity. Whether you want to learn more or just play only online casino, you'll find what you need. All the online casinos were classified ALSA safe, reliable and trustworthy....

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Vegas Casino

A lot of poker players still ask whether pocket aces is the strongest hand you can get, and what do you do with them. Do you raise when you have A-A or do you limp in?click here

Online slot gaming is at an all time high in terms of popularity, options, quality and payouts – check out the latest slot news and test out the options risk-free, with the latest free-play bonuses……………….

The latest slot up-grades
The web has seen some serious online slot up-grades in the past 12 months, offering gamers even more excitement and intrinsic enjoyment. The latest video slot games such as Hit Man and Tombraider Secret of the Sword really stretch the imagination – with photo-real graphics, interactive bonus games, massive jackpot power and video game style depth and progression. What's more, slot gamers can now play the best video slots live against other online gamers, thanks to the launch of multi-player slot comps with guaranteed payouts!

Slot payout power
Slot games have always delivered the ultimate payout potential in casino all over the world. However, make no mistake about the awesome payout power of online slot machines, which can at times put Las Vegas to shame! Famous online slot games such as Major Millions can easily deliver payouts over £700,000.00 – unfortunately with millions of gamers hitting the machines….it's not so east to win a huge pay day – but you always have a chance!

Can you beat online slot machines?

Despite the intrinsic thrill of slots, the 95-98.5% payouts and the massive jackpot potential, many gamers still want to know how to get an edge over online slot machines! The truth is, slots are based on luck, so there's no sure-fire way to always win. However, strategic slot gamers do exist, so check out the tips below if you want to try them out…………….

Slot gaming budgeting
Playing slot machines with a budget is essential if you desire playing the games with a strategic approach. Many gamers use a 5% stop loss limit, meaning they quit a session after hitting a 5% loss!

Slot profit zones
In contrast to the stop-loss, you should also think about using a strict profit zone target, such as 5-10% of your gaming bank. If you have the power to quit while you're ahead – you could have a better chance of hitting bad sessions.

Profitable slot machines
When playing for a sensible profit target, it makes sense to play on the machines that will get you there as fast as possible! Many slot experts reveal that medium payout slot games deliver a nice combination of payout frequency and reward level, making them the best strategic slot option.