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To investigate who invented casinos must first investigate where the game is. The game is so ingrained in human nature that it is impossible to say who invented it. It is impossible to say how long the game has been around.....

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Vegas Casino

Our virtual casino guide and our Internet Casino Reviews are known for their reliability and objectivity. Whether you want to learn more or just play only online casino, you'll find what you need. All the online casinos were classified ALSA safe, reliable and trustworthy....

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Vegas Casino

A lot of poker players still ask whether pocket aces is the strongest hand you can get, and what do you do with them. Do you raise when you have A-A or do you limp in?click here

Ancient to modern casino games

Casino games are referred to as gambling games. They are different from betting games. There are two forms of casino games they are online casino games and real time casino games. The online casino games are the modern form of the game which is popular throughout the world. The real time casino games are the older version of the games it is still exist but they are started to decline considerably. Normally casino games refer to where an individual gambles his cash or other included options expecting to win his/her game.

The casino games started to exists at different time and different era. It is said to be played across china and Egypt at ancient time. The Chinese scholars and philosophers who are all travelling to other parts of the world especially North American countries spread this game there. At initial years the gambling was the only form of casino games but it is evolved into other forms of the game also. In 19th century the game is said to be played at public recreational activities like festivals, family celebrations and major sports event. It is mainly played through dice and cards.

In ancient period dice with anked bones are used to play the game. Now with the improvisation in science and technology the game has evolved into online. These types of casino games are known as virtual casino games. People should not go to the places where the casino games played. You can sit in your own convenient place and start playing online casino slot games. This is the major advantage which the player will experience while playing online casino games. Now new concept is also introduced that is you can chat through your voice while playing live online casino games. Onlone casino game is one of the leading businesses nowadays. There many websites providing online casino games. You have to choose the right one and enjoy the fun.

Strategic gambling is extremely popular on the internet – and most table games can be played with systematic or strategic intent. Check out the power of each gambling approach, and give your gambling a potential edge.

Basic strategy gambling

Table games such as video poker and blackjack offer classic casino gambling – and their ambiance makes them seriously popular with thousands of recreational, intermediate and professional gamblers. However, because the games are intrinsically simple to play, players often approach them with no real gambling strategies. This is a 'cardinal gambling sin' – because many table games are super-responsive to strategic gambling principles! For example, video poker and blackjack are both statistical games that can react to specific gambling rules (widely available as gambling strategy charts). The application of basic gambling strategy can often reduce the in-built house edge by several percent – making it harder for gamblers to lose, and boost winning sessions. Basic gambling strategies are not particularly complicated, and boost both the fun and edge for gamblers of every level.

Systematic gambling

The other option for casino gamblers looking to remove the casino's advantage and gain regular profitable gambling sessions – is the more risqué approach of 'systematic gambling'. Essentially, gambling systems are designed to beat the games by manipulating the gambling odds, through statistically powerful but potentially risky principles. Many gamblers use systems to skim regular profits from casino games such as roulette. The use of gambling systems need using with strict loss limits, discipline and it's advisable to always game strictly with leisure cash. Check out the example of a classic roulette gambling system – with a built-in stop loss limit .


Gambling on the Internet offers an exciting leisure activity that you can access 24 hours a day – but if you gamble with a some easy  tips, you'll turn it into a long-term, affordable and rewarding past time. Take a look at the key elements of successful web gambling.

You want to start placing bets at the casino or sportsbook right now – but the slickest gamblers take their time to plan their strategy in advance. First-up has to be your gambling budget. Essentially, all gamblers should consider the worst case scenario – simply put – the chance of blowing all of your cash! Thus – what's you weekly loss limit, be it £10, £50, £100 or more for high rollers? It's important to remember that your session limit and weekly budget does not have to be your whole bankroll – and ideally it won't be. For example, you may deposit £250 into a gambling account; but set a weekly limit of £50, meaning the cash is guaranteed to last a minimum of 5 weeks.

Stake levels
Most intermediate and pro gamblers (and sensible casual gambling fans) – use a relatively 'level stakes' gambling strategy. Frequently, gambling stakes are set at around 1 to 2% of a betting bank or weekly budget – for example, if you you have a weekly budget of £25, you may use a stake level of 0.50. The conservative level stakes approach has several key advantages; it prevents volatile betting patterns, offers stability during hot and cold gambling sessions and helps you to keep your cool!

Most casual gamblers groan at a small bet percentage and fixed stake levels – but compounding is the secret that makes it all worth it! Essentially, every time your bank doubles, you double your stake. If you're gaming with level stakes and 1 or 2%, this is safe and dramatically increases long-term bankrolls in successful gamblers. In effect – it has a snowball effect – which is awesome for gamers starting out with a leisure budget. You can theoretically turn small change into serious sums of cash. Just try doubling £10, ten times!

Gambling strategy
If you're a casino gambler, then certain games such as video poker and blackjack – can be played with 'basic strategy'; statistical rules which are proven to help reduce the house advantage by a few percent. Always check whether the games you are playing offer real strategies. Of course, some luck-based gambling games offer massive million dollar payouts as a trade off for no strategic elements!

Playing Craps is it hard to understand?

Craps is essentially a game of numbers and various statistics. As always the house edge is with the casino whether online or the traditional casino. Playing craps is easy but getting used to the betting rules might take some time and effort on a bettor’s part. There are quite a few rules that need to be taken care of while playing online craps. Once you get used to the betting system, the game is a child’s play. The casino version of craps is quite different from the online version. You are alone while playing online craps as against several people betting simultaneously in real casino craps.

For playing online craps, several UK casino games websites need you to download their software or work on a common java based or flash platform. For the amateurs, online casinos offer free games of craps just to get them accustomed with the rules and regulations.

Rules of Dice in Online Craps

The game is entirely based on the dice and there are two dice involved in craps. The person who rolls the dice is known as shooter. The combined sum of both the dice is the deciding factor in this game. If the sum is seven, one of the most important numbers, then the bettor stands to win by large.

Craps revolves around two; three, eleven and twelve as the sum on the dice and therefore these numbers hold special significance beside the number seven. A soft roll is the one when both the dice have a different number and a hard roll is the one in which both dice show the same number as the outcome. For example: a dice with a 2 and other with a 4 is a soft six while both dice showing 4 is a hard 8.

Betting in craps

There are two basic bets in craps, do not pass line bet and pass line bet. In online craps, the players need to drop chips on the bet he wishes to play. The betting odds are even for a win secured in case of do not pass line or pass line bet and only one wins at a time.